Welcome to our Movie Crowdfunding site for a Faith-Based movie "MY HEART REMEMBERS" based off of the Award-Winning novel by Kim Vogel Sawyer

Since we are so close to our goal, we are offering to the first five donors at $10,000 or more an Executive Producer Credit in the end movie credits! Please click on the contact button to contact us if you prefer to give by check or have any questions.

Disclaimer: 100% of all donation will be used for this movie. Executive Producer Credit does not give or include any rights to movie, nor allow or give any permission to make/request any changes. This is an Executive Producer credit in name only.

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My Heart Remembers Movie Team:


Melinda Myers

Melinda has worked in the film industry on and off since 2005, including on set for the award-winning movie "Logan" starring Booboo Stewart and Leo Howard; Completing Kaden series; backstage assistant, costumes and make-up for Footlighters Children's Theatre (Iowa City); Ace Productions; Choreographer for Brubaker Production Studio and liturgical dance teams.

Melissa Lawrence

Melissa has worked in the film industry on and off for over 15 years as an Executive Producer for the feature films "The Scarf"; award-winning feature "Logan" starring Leo Howard and Booboo Stewart, award-winning shorts "No Internet" and "Identity", along with working on set of "Completing Kaden" series which has aired worldwide. Among the awards for these films, "Identity" was nominated for "Best Cinematography" at the Chandler International Film Festival 2021!

Script Writer:

B.D. Lawrence

B.D. Lawrence has always loved reading fiction. Ironically, his worst subject in high school was English. In his early thirties, he decided to give writing a try. During his writing journey he's dabbled in several genres, including mystery, suspense, science fiction, fantasy, and literary fiction. He is currently focusing on crime stories of justice, vengeance, and redemption. He wants his books to bring hope to readers that may not know Jesus as Lord. His novels are written from a Christian worldview and present the Gospel in some form by some character or characters.


Stephen Folker

Stephen has received several recent nominations for his film work, including nominations from the Iowa Motion Picture Association for Best Direction and also for Cinematography for "House on Rockingham" and Best Direction for "The Kid's Table". He was also just awarded the Audience Choice Eddy Award at the Cedar Rapids Film Festival in April 2024 for "The Kids Table".

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